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Bible Reading Plan

Study the Bible together

Read. Study. Discuss.

The Bible Reading App helps you create your own Bible study plans!
Set up a Bible study, input readings, read the ESV Bible, send study notes to group members, write out your own personal study notes, see group study questions and, now with the Interact monthly subscription, get involved in group discussion forums.

Join the Discussion

Get involved in study conversations with group members!
Upgrade to the Interact version of the app for a $1.99 (CAD) monthly subscription fee and add comments, inquire about topics and answer study questions in the group study live chat.

Study the ESV Bible

The ESV Bible text is included in the Bible Reading Plan app.
As study plans are created, the Bible text can be found under each reading within a plan.
Set Up Plans and Share Them with Group Members

Create a Bible study plan for personal study or to share with a Bible study group or for family worship.

Give your study a title and add a description to give an overview for group members.

Set up Readings within each study plan by including the passages that the group members will be studying over the coming days or weeks.

Message or email a study to group members or share group studies through social media links.

Add Personal Notes, Study Questions, and Group Notations

Keep track of what you have learned through your individual study of a passage.

Have your own personal notes on hand when arriving to the study group.

Study questions can be provided by the study creator before group meeting times to enable everyone to come prepared.

The study creator can also add group notes to pass along helpful information to the group about the passage being studied.